Why Real Estate Wholesalers Struggle…Wholesaling real estate is one of the most attractive ways for new and seasoned investors alike to control a real property without using their personal cash or credit. Although this strategy can be lucrative, it has its drawbacks. To be truly successful as a wholesaler, you have to consistently replenish your pipeline with motivated sellers. These sellers are willing to sell their houses for below market value. These motivated sellers are becoming increasingly challenging to find in the market place. Wholesale investors are constantly faced with tough decisions. These decisions include raising your game and increasing their marketing budget to have the highest probability of closing a deal.

The never-ending cycle of yellow letters, postcards, driving for dollars, door knocking, etc., gets old really fast. Especially when sellers perceive the value of their property to be higher than it truly is. This process can be tiring because deals are not consistent, which means the investor’s income is also inconsistent and unpredictable. After every closed deal, the hunt and chase game begins again, we call it the wholesale cycle.

To become a truly successful wholesaler, you need automated intelligence tools to create a system for your business for predictable results. If you have not implemented such strategies, you’re probably working too hard. I promise you, there’s a better way…

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