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The Tax Deed Genius Lite Program is a bite-sized version of The Tax Deed Genius Real Estate Investor Training Program. Instead of the full 8-week program, the Tax Deed Genius Lite Program is only 2 weeks long. The Lite version is designed for both new and experienced, Real Estate Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create a profitable real estate business by leveraging the hidden diamonds available across the United States through Tax Liens & Tax Deed Auctions. There are many different ways to create lucrative opportunities with real estate deals that don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars or put you or your family’s savings and personal credit at risk.

Tax Liens & Tax Deeds, are definitely among the top creative real estate acquisitions strategies to know and take advantage of as an investor.

  • Do you want to make MORE money? Give this course a chance.
  • Do you need different strategies for investing your time & money? We can help you do both!
  • Want an online course with proper support, follow-up help? We do that too! 

If you have any trouble or have any questions – reach out to our team – we are here to help. 

Tax Deed Genius Lite is for New and Experienced Real Estate Investors that want to know how to find the hottest real estate deals in the United States!  If you want to make killer profits buying extremely discounted properties all across the United States. This course is for you If you’re sick and tired of trying to figure this real estate game out on your own and finally want clear, precise detailed information about where to find and buy Tax Liens and Tax Deeds across the United States.

Tax Deed Genius Lite is a detailed introduction to where to find and buy Tax Liens with high rates of return and cheap Tax Delinquent properties in all 50 states. In this course, you will learn which states offer the best interest rates, maximum redemption periods as well as which states offer tax deed sales to the public.

In Tax Deed Genius Lite, students will have access to their course 24/7. Upon sign-up, students have a unique username and password for our learning management system. Enrolled students can learn at their own pace and convenience. The course is designed to be completed in 2 weeks.

In approximately 14 days, Tax Deed Genius Lite students can expect to be completed with the course. Upon completion, students will have a choice to continue learning more in-depth information regarding how to do due diligence research and title searches in FULL Version of Tax Deed Genius 8 Weeks Online Training Course.

Tax Deed Genius Lite is set up into 2 Modules. Each Module has individual lessons which must be watched in order. After completing each lesson within the respective Module, students are required to take an End of Module Quiz. The quiz is to ensure students understand the information and to check on learning. A passing grade of 90% is required to move to the next Module in the course. As an optional add-on, students can choose to invest in the Tax Lien & Tax Deed Cheatsheet, as well as the Tax Lien Checklist.

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