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Welcome to The Jackie Jackson’s Press & Media page. Here you can find some of the press coverage that has been received by Jackie Jackson and her brand. This includes a variety of media sources from Television to Radio to Print as well as digital articles, featured guest spots on podcasts and web series. There is also the official Jackie Jackson’s podcasts and series. We will attempt to update this page as often as we can. Should you be looking to book Jackie for an article or interview or even just want a quote from an expert in these industries, email info (at)

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Additional Recent Media Sources For Jackie Jackson Online

Thrive Global

Featured in Thrive Global “Early Arise Jackie Jackson” written by Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. After working almost two decades in corporate America, climbing the success ladder to vice president, Jackie decided to walk away from it all, to pursue her calling as a mentor, influencer and coach to new entrepreneurs looking to concur and crush their financial goals.

Real Estate Investing Mastery

In this episode you will learn about: (1) Becoming a transaction engineer, (2) How a local coach was a huge boost for Jackie, (3) Why you should have a mantra that helps you get through difficult tasks/times, and (4) Jackie still uses letters for marketing and gets results

The Jackie Jackson Show

The Jackie Jackson is the Executive Producer of “The Jackie Jackson Show” in 2017 on MyTATV channel 38.2. Learn how to invest in real estate tax deeds & tax liens across the united states, confidently win more deals & make as much money as you want investing in real estate tax deed auctions

The Jackie Jackson

Real Estate Investment Coach, WE BUY HOUSES & Teach YOU How To Create Profits with Real Estate Investing strategies which Do Not require your personal cash or credit to get started! Contact Jackie at Subscribe to our Podcast! Learn To Flip Houses with Jackie!

Real Estate Money School

The Jackie Jackson featured guest on the Real Estate Money School with Chris Naugle Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode: (1) Why it is possible to keep going in difficult times, (2) How to see the opportunity when everyone else is afraid  and (3) The power of investing in mentorship and resources

Real Estate Uncensored

The Jackie Jackson featured guest on the Real Estate Uncensored. There are tons of real estate investors who have got into the wrong deals and over-obligated themselves. It’s a great idea to look for struggling investors because on top of being able to buy the property, we can be a great source of relief to them.

Real Life Real Estate Investing

The Jackie Jackson featured guest on the Real Life Real Estate Investing with Glen E. Glasper. Jackie is a creative real estate investor specializing in tax liens and tax deeds across the United States. Jackie will be sharing the unlimited opportunities investing in tax deeds and tax liens.

The Real Estate Wealth Generator Podcast

The Jackie Jackson featured guest on The Real Estate Wealth Generator Podcast. The Real Estate Wealth Generator Podcast is a media broadcasting platform with a mission to assist individuals and families in building wealth through investing in commercial real estate.

Deal with Fear of the Unknown When Chasing Your Dreams

I RESENTED the daily grind of my “safe” corporate job that everyone says is the “right” thing to do. I thought to myself “I need a change” but the truth is I was afraid of change. So the change remained just that. A thought.

West Orlando News

The Jackie Jackson featured in print in West Orlando News. Central Florida veteran Jacqueline Jackson, as part of The Jackie Jackson™ brand, launched an affordable real estate investing course geared towards helping everyday individuals.

The Real Estate Expert Online

The Jackie Jackson was a featured guest on The Real Estate Expert Online with Jim Sakalis. Jim Sakalis The Real Estate Expert interviews The Jackie Jackson- a Real Estate Investor in Orlando, Florida.

Meekel’s Happy Hour

The Jackie Jackson featured guest on Meekel’s Happy Hour. In this episode, we are talking to The Jackie Jackson Investor of Real Estate and So Much More. This is going to be a high energy and impactful show as we connect and support black-owned businesses

Real Estate Investing & Empowerment

Real Estate Investing & Empowerment with Chris Monroe. Guest speakers include Dee Stevens, Jackie Jackson, Greg T Shyne, Sierra Nicole, Fritz Joseph, Glen E Glasper, Alvin Tucker II and Chris Monroe. Topics will cover real estate, sales, marketing and so much more!

Social Selling Made Simple w/Marki Lemons

Social Selling Made Simple with Marki Lemons Podcast Show – Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people. Hear real conversations with industry leaders.

Episode 2-4 The Jackie Jackson

An excellent tax deed educator in the space, meeting Jackie Jackson. She has her Tax Deed Genius program so learn more about it! Tax Sale Insiders is a A podcast for successful tax lien and tax deed investing.

Not Just Tax Deed Profits – Let’s Look at OVERAGES with Jackie Jackson

In this episode, Jackie shares how you can act as a surplus recovery agent for previous property owners with tax liens’ overages and profit from the process of recovering them.

Orlando Medical News: How to fail forward to early retirement

I don’t know about you, but I think failure is amazing. Really, I do. In fact, I welcome it. Think about your own life. Do you regret any of the failures in your life?

Read This if You Feel Out of Control

We all desire control. We long to be in the place we want to be doing the things we want to do. This is control over your actions and surroundings. It’s why we spend so much time and money getting our homes exactly right, as it is our domain that we can control.

The Entrepreneurship Reporter: Global Take on Small Business News

Central Florida Veteran, Jackie Jackson launched a real estate investing course to help minority communities as we emerge from this global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tax Deed Genius Course: The Jackie Jackson Is Helping To Rebuild Communities

What makes real estate investing so powerful? With real estate investing you investing in yourself and your future as well as investing in the future of your community.

Discounted Property Is Among The Top Real Estate Investments In 2022

Real Estate is one of the best investments that anyone can have as part of their portfolio. Tax deeds & liens remain to be an little known investment strategy.

The Business Gazette Online: Bringing you the latest news on business and economy

Learn How To Make More Money with Creative Real Estate ​Cash Flow Strategies.

About The Jackie Jackson

The Jackie Jackson is a Real Estate Investor, Coach & Mentor. She’s been investing in real estate since 2006 and has served on Central Florida Realty Investors Association’s as an Executive Board member for two years. Jackie Teaches how to buy Tax Liens and Tax Deeds in all 50 states in America along with Tax Deed Surplus and Overages.

Jackie is the creator of “The Jackie Jackson” Podcast on in 2018, published on over 8 different listening platforms to include Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, CastBox, Pocket Cast, Radio Republic, Spotify, the Social Selling Made Simple with Marki Lemons Podcast Show, How to Create Your Own Market Space With Jackie Jackson, and Real Estate Money School with Chris Naugle.

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