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You’re a totally different person than you were at this time last year. And by this time next year, you will be even further on in your journey. We all have dips in our confidence and times we think we are not good enough. The reason it can happen at any stage in your career should tell you that they are not worth listening to. I made the decision to replace the negative vibes of impostor syndrome anxiety with my own positive vibes. We make our own reality, and I say the sky’s the limit!

To hear more about the impostor complex and how to overcome it, watch this impostor syndrome TED talk by Lou Solomon. 

Become inspired to survive

Lou is a really inspiring businesswoman, author, and public speaker, and yes she is a survivor of imposter syndrome!

Don’t suffer from feeling not good enough, or feeling like a fraud alone. Use stories like mine and Lou’s to fuel you in your quest. Find people who have walked your path before, and whose guidance can help you reach your goals much faster. 

Every successful person in any field has had many mentors to help and encourage them. The best thing is that this mentor-ship does not have to happen face-to-face. We live in an age where you can be mentored from the comfort of your own home. 

I spent the time and experienced the pain of mapping out the route to success. There’s no reason for you to make the same mistakes, like not feeling good enough because of poor self-talk. I created the map to financial freedom, so you can start living your money dream without spending years figuring out how. Find out how to learn from my experiences below. It’s time for you to quit feeling like a fraud, and realize you are more than good enough: you are you! 

Jackie is a Real Estate Coach and Full-time Real Estate Investor. She boldly teaches new and seasoned investors on how to ReProgram their thinking and reWrite their money story. They can also easily and effortlessly experience the confidence they need to max-out their money-making potential without fear, guilt, or shame while investing in real estate. She’s served on Central Florida Realty Investors Association’s Executive Board for two years. Jackie empowers her clients with the tools necessary to design their dream life by investing in real estate. You can do this with Personalized Coaching Plans, Online Courses so you can learn at your own pace. Jackie also hosts Workshops & Seminars. Jackie also shares lessons learned from interviews with successful real estate investors on The Jackie Jackson Show YouTube.

Jackie’s Classes Include Teaching Wholesaling, Sandwich Lease Options, “Subject To”, Seller Financing, Tax Liens, and Tax Deeds. Each of these techniques does not require your Personal Credit or Cash to start making money. Build Your Dream Life One Deal At A Time. Click here to find out more about Jackie and her story.