Every week women email me asking:  “Jackie, I need a career change but I don’t know what to do.” It’s the fear of the unknown that causes many women to procrastinate for years –  sometimes for a lifetime. 

When You Realize “I Need A Career Change”

I have women coming to me who make a change, have some success, and are still panicking! I ask them what’s wrong and they say they didn’t expect things to actually work out! They have a fear of success. It’s a sneaky way your body tries to make you accept the status quo. 

Whatever it is about embarking on a new journey in your life that makes you nervous, you have the resources to manage it.  That’s why I put together a free video course that shows you how to follow your dreams and deal with the fear that holds us back. The power is within you, I just show you how to access it. 

I will personally take you through exercises to help reProgram your thinking so you are aligned with success. This is the foundation to reWriting your money story and achieving financial mastery. 

I Can Show You How to Deal with Anxiety When You Are Afraid of Change

Click here to access the course and receive video workshops from me directly in your inbox. You will get rid of imposter syndrome anxiety and learn how to face fear from me directly, and have direct access to the life lessons that made my real estate coaching business a success. 

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Who Is The Jackie Jackson?

Jackie Jackson is CEO and founder of www.TheJackieJackson.com Real Estate Expert, Coach & Mentor, and also Tax Deed & Tax Lien Investor. She has a flair for all things fashion and beauty.

​Jackie empowers her clients with the tools necessary to design their dream life by investing in real estate. You can do this with Personalized Coaching Plans, Online Courses so you can learn at your own pace. Jackie also hosts Workshops & Seminars. Jackie also shares lessons learned from interviews with successful real estate investors on The Jackie Jackson Show YouTube!