Secret Real Estate Strategy

Secret Real Estate Strategy is extremely important and here is why…
Imagine the confidence and self-esteem you would gain from even the smallest step in the right direction. Just take a little confident action each day, and your life will look completely different in no time at all. You CAN get self-confidence on the road to financial freedom as well as personal freedom.

In order to help you become a confident woman, and your best self, I have put together a FREE course to reProgram your thinking and reWrite your money story.  It includes confidence-building exercises to get you into the habits of confident women who are deciding to make a big change in their lives every day.

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After working over a decade in corporate America, climbing the success ladder to vice president, Jackie decided to walk away from it all. As a result, she pursued her calling as a mentormotivator, and business coach to Orlando, FL entrepreneurs looking to concur and crush their goals, stay motivated, and also master the ultimate work-life balance with their families.

​Jackie also serves her country as an officer in the U.S Army Reserves. She is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM). In short, the Commendation Medal is a United States military decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or also meritorious service.

Secret Real Estate Investing

Jackie is a Real Estate Coach and Full-time Real Estate Investor. She boldly teaches new and seasoned investors how to ReProgram their thinking and rewriting their money story, so they can also easily and effortlessly experience the confidence they need to max-out their money-making potential without fear, guilt or shame while investing in real estate.