How I Moved Past a “Career-Ending” Loss and Got Success in Real Estate. Some of it through tax lien and deed investing. So there I was, the crushing weight of a $120,000 loss bearing down on me. It was a massive debt hole to climb out of!

I took a financial risk I couldn’t afford. I overestimated my profit margins and let the costs of the renovation spiral out of control. This is why I recommend newbie real estate investors pay in cash. If you go into debt to flip a house, you are at the mercy of rising interest costs. This is what I did. I saw the costs eating away at my investment and became desperate to make a sale. 

Weeks past, then months. The desperation of my financial burden forced me to sell low and take a huge loss. Although my bank balance was ruined, I didn’t let my mind be broken. I like to say “if I’m gonna fail, I’m at least gonna fail forward.” I knew this was just a setback on my path to get success in real estate. A pretty massive setback, but not an unsolvable one. 

Why did I take that loss? In short, I bit off more than I could chew. I thought I was a hotshot real estate investor and went into a deal without doing the proper planning, without knowing the market, without having a budget. What made the difference was I learned from all my failures. Before I went into real estate, I had all these ideas about how to be a successful real estate agent. The reality turned out to be very different. This is why it is essential to do your research in order to separate fact from fiction when it comes to getting success in real estate

Jackie is a Real Estate Coach and Full-time Real Estate Investor. She boldly teaches new and seasoned investors on how to ReProgram their thinking and reWrite their money story. They can also easily and effortlessly experience the confidence they need to max-out their money-making potential without fear, guilt, or shame while investing in real estate. She’s served on Central Florida Realty Investors Association’s Executive Board for two years. Jackie empowers her clients with the tools necessary to design their dream life by investing in real estate. You can do this with Personalized Coaching Plans, Online Courses so you can learn at your own pace. Jackie also hosts Workshops & Seminars. Jackie also shares lessons learned from interviews with successful real estate investors on The Jackie Jackson Show YouTube.

Jackie’s Classes Include Teaching Wholesaling, Sandwich Lease Options, “Subject To”, Seller Financing, Tax Liens, and Tax Deeds. Each of these techniques does not require your Personal Credit or Cash to start making money. Build Your Dream Life One Deal At A Time. Click here to find out more about Jackie and her story.