Tax Lien investing training: Learn How To Create Positive Cash Flow

First off, let’s celebrate the success of the women who have mastered and understand the importance of creating positive cash flow in their lives. And as well as their business. For the rest of us, the sad reality is, maintaining or generating positive cash flow. All while trying to balance life with kids, a job, family relationships, and going to school. Along with attempting to create a side hustle, can be a daunting task.

Well, what is cash flow anyway? And why is it important to pay attention to it? Cash flow is the money that is moving both in and out of your life. Your business is also included in this every month. Although cash flow sometimes seems like the only direction it knows is “one way” or moving away from you or out of your purse, by definition, it does flow both ways, in and out.
So here’s why women ought to want to learn how to increase cash flow in their lives in order to become rich:


Despite composing nearly half of the workforce, women account for 60 percent of the nation’s lowest-paid workers. Compared to their male counterparts, women average $.70 earned to every dollar earned by men. The salaries for the vast majority of jobs are held by women. These include industries such as retail, hospitality, and administrative services that are consistently lower paid than in traditionally male career paths, such as construction, engineering, and energy.


According to legal, regardless of marital status, family caretaker responsibilities more often fall to women. When a child or relative is sick, women are more likely to sacrifice work and income. All to take care of that person. For the many low-wage workers who lack paid sick leave, taking a child to the doctor means losing a half-day of work. Or even a full day’s wages when finances are already stretched to the breaking point.


Helping women who live on a low income also helps their children, putting an end to a vicious cycle. Because most women are undereducated regarding finances, they unknowingly pass on miss information or poor explanations of how money is earned and managed to their children. This creates a vicious cycle of impoverished understanding about money and causes future generations to relive the same challenges that their parents had.


Poverty costs taxpayers and the government billions of dollars each year. Women account for the largest population of participants that use subsidized government benefits programs. The programs themselves are funded by taxpayer dollars which subsequently take away from funding for other programs that could be used to invest in financial education.


If we can level the playing field, we will all benefit. If women’s earnings increase, they will be able to invest in their futures. Heping to increase their quality of life, provide for their children, and save for retirement. Women statistically outlive men. So it is imperative that women learn how to make more money in order to support themselves.

About the author

Jackie Jackson helps new investors start and grow a successful real estate investment businesses. So they can live their best lives converting their purpose and passion into profit. She is an expert at helping people learn creative “no money” down strategies and making learning super simple to understand. If you’re interested in learning about how you can get started real estate investing then request a STRATEGY session today.