Side Hustle In Real Estate Investing

If you’re a homeowner, then you know the effervescent joy of paying property taxes. However, rather unfortunately, our current recession has made it extremely difficult for a lot of people to foot the bill. This is where having a side hustle can come in particularly handy. Why not a side hustle in real estate investing? Real estate still maintains it’s position as one of the best wealth building investments available. One of the more mysterious ways to create a side hustle in real estate investing is to invest in tax liens and tax deeds.

When a property owner doesn’t to pay their property taxes, a lien is placed on their property and a tax lien certificate is later auctioned off to real estate investors. If their tax lien matures and the property owner still hasn’t paid back the tax lien investor, or their property taxes and redeemed the lien, then their property could end up in a tax deed auction. In either situation, the tax lien and tax deed investors get paid. If the property owners tax lien isn’t redeemed, the tax lien investor may end up taking control of the property for their minimal, original, investment. Not bad huh?

The Best Part About A Side Hustle In Real Estate Investing

Anyone can actively participate in a tax lien or tax deed auction. These auctions can be quite popular with smaller investors because the risk is low, especially for tax liens, and the rate of return is high. Tax liens can be purchased for as low as a $100, which makes this option an accessible investment for even those with little capital. With tax deeds, it’s not uncommon for investors to walk away with a single-family property for as low as $20,000. This equates to an extremely deep discount of more than 50% in some cases.

How Can You Buy Tax Liens And Deeds As A Side Hustle In Real Estate Investing?

The government of each county, in each state, do not like to wait for delinquent tax bills so they auction the liens off to local investors to generate quick cash. The cool thing is that you can usually bid virtually in these auctions from anywhere in the country. In 2022, most counties offer online auctions with very few counties requiring the investor to attend the auctions in person. This fact makes this type of real estate investing an excellent source of passive income.

Jackie Jackson Leverages Tax Liens And Deeds As A Side Hustle

Jackie Jackson uses this same side hustle in real estate investing. Over the years, Jackie has been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and accumulate handfuls of various properties to add to her portfolio. It is this success that led Jackie to share her experience and knowledge with others, in hopes that they too will become successful. With Jackie Jackson’s Tax Deed Genius Program, handfuls of students have become wildly successful through leveraging real estate as passive income tools.

Do You Want To Earn Passive Income Through Real Estate?

Yes, obviously you do. Who wouldn’t? Luckily, with the technology we have available, it’s never been easier to begin earning passive income through real estate. You can do this with a minimal amount of money and a computer. It’s not as straight forward as that, because you still have to learn exactly how to win property through auctions and then make money from those properties. Each county has their own way of doing things, so you need to know how to maneuver through each counties auction site, how to calculate your after-repair value, how to perform your due diligence etc. But, once you learn “how”, you will be able to “do” with ease from your computer.

About The Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson is a Real Estate Coach & Investor, helping investors at all levels create profits and increased cash flow through Tax Deeds & Tax Liens Real Estate Investing. Jackie is the CEO and founder of Tax Deed Genius, the #1 Step by Step National Tax Liens & Tax Deeds, Surplus Overages Training Course for New and Seasoned Real Estate Investors. Learn how to buy properties for pennies on the dollar at deep discounts from local county public auctions. Get the Surplus Overages Course here.