Gold Coaching Package | Done With You | 12-Month, All Inclusive Program



Introducing The Gold Coaching Package by The Jackie Jackson! Many have asked about coaching from The Jackie Jackson. We are proud to introduce two new coaching packages. The Gold Package and the Silver Package. In the gold package, you have everything you need to become a real estate investing success. Knowledge, support, and coaching are intertwined as we help you make deals, secure funding and much, much, more.


When you enroll in the gold, 12-month, coaching program you will receive incredible support:

You will be provided with in-depth hands on, step by step guidance with The Jackie Jackson.
Included in your coaching program is a 90-day guarantee of buying your first Tax Deed.
Investment Property using our funding opportunity.

Program Features:

  • We help you find delinquent tax deed properties across the United States.
  • We help narrow down where to look for properties and best counties to invest.
  • We help take away the frustration of locating auctions.
  • We help decode generic county information so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure everything out.
  • We help you look for available properties and opportunities virtually so you don’t
    have to leave the comfort of your home.

II. We take your fear and turn it into confidence so you can comfortably buy
discounted investment properties close to home or far away in another state.

  • You won’t feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack because we’ll show
    you where to invest for the best deals.
  • We’ll help you be successful fast so you can shut up all the crazy family & friends
    who doubted your ability to crush your goals.
  • We help you Analyze Tax Delinquent Properties so you don’t ever have to guess about
    due diligence process.
  • We show you how to comb through County Official Records so you can easily
    identify potential liens that may be attached to the property.
  • We help you read official documents for government liens so you don’t have to
    struggle to find them.
  • Some counties may charge a fee for access, we help you understand how to get
    the most accurate information in your title search.
  • We help you avoid overwhelm so you can simplify your research in order to buy
    properties fast.
  • You no longer have to be embarrassed because you can’t find the information
    online. We help you find it and/or get the help from a professional title service to
    research liens for you.
  • We help you reduce risk so you don’t have to be scared to buy properties that
    you don’t know anything about.

III. We Help You Buy Tax Delinquent Properties all across the United States.

  • We help you acquire funds to buy your first deal so you can use other people’s
    money to jump start your real estate investment business. ​
  • We help you determine how much to pay for a specific property so you’ll never
    be concerned about being out bid.
  • We help you overcome the fear of competition at the auction buy using our
    maximum bid formula.
  • In the 12-month coaching program, we help you build your team of professional
    resources so you don’t have personally to travel to see properties.
  • We help you locate service providers that will take pictures of properties for you
    and provide you with a report.
  • We help you gather all the important data about a property so you don’t have to
    fear being stuck with a property that you should not have bought.

IV. We help you implement your exit strategy for maximum profitability.

  • How to sell your property with or without title insurance successfully.
  • We help you identify your target market so you locate the best buyers for your
    properties fast.
  • We help you get title insurance for your property so you can offer peace of mind
    to your buyers for increased asking price.
  • We help you advertise your properties through flat fee listings on the MLS that
    you control.
  • We also help you structure your deals for creative financing, fix & flip and buy
    and hold so you reap the benefits of long-term cash flow.
  • We also introduce you to real estate attorneys and other real estate professionals
    so you can build your team.

V. Everything in Silver Program Plus:

  • Access to Tax Deed Genius Course and course materials for as long as you
    need it.
  • 1 Year Membership to Tax Deed Genius Nationwide App connected to over
    8,000 Tax Liens & Tax Deed Auctions.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls that are recorded, so you can conveniently access
    training at your convenience.
  • Unlimited Customer Support via email for all technical and investment questions
    from both the team and Jackie Jackson personally. We will help you review
    properties when you submit your pre-auction checklist for due diligence.
  • Community of investors via Private Facebook Group for accountability and
    sharing of ideas.
  • Access to funding resources so you can do more deals and buy more properties.
  • 2 Tickets to annual conference held in Orlando, FL.
  • Affiliate membership so you can earn commission by helping new real estate
    entrepreneurs learn how to invest in tax deeds & tax liens nationwide.


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