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  • Unlock the Ultimate Resource in Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing for Maximum Success with Tax Deed Genius Exclusive App Membership. Gain access to all of this for a reoccurring monthly App Membership of $97. This is a automatically reoccurring App Membership program that will give you access to the application, you will also be able to manage the App Membership plan from your account page.  NOTICE: YOU MUST REACH OUT TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS AT INFO@THEJACKIEJACKSON.COM AFTER PURCHASE TO GET YOUR LOGIN DETAILS AND ACCESS SETUP FOR THE NEW APP & TAX DEED GENIUS APP MEMBERSHIP.
  • Tax Deed Genius Course


    The Tax Deed Genius

    The Tax Deed Genius Real Estate Investor Training Program is an amazing 8 week program for both new and experienced, Real Estate Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create a profitable real estate business by leveraging the hidden diamonds available across the United States through Tax Liens & Tax Deed Auctions, and Overage Surplus Recovery. Tax Liens & Tax Deeds, and Overage Surplus Recovery are definitely among the top creative real estate acquisitions strategies to know and take advantage of as an investor. MORE INFO IN FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW


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