Best Surplus Overages Course 2022

Real estate investing, and investing courses itself, have exploded in 2022. There has been a cultural shift that is pushing Americans towards other avenues of making money through passive income strategies. The Jackie Jackson’s Tax Deed Genius Course has ranked as one of the top-rated courses in real estate investing. This success prompted her to create Tax Deed Genius Lite – a bite-sized version of Tax Deed Genius for a fraction of the cost. The Jackie Jackson has also released cheat sheets and guides that students can purchase to assist them. Now, The Jackie Jackson has created the Surplus Overages Course, which ranks as the Best Surplus Overages Course 2022. In this course, students will learn all about surplus overages.

What Are Surplus Overages in Real Estate?

There are properties that get sold at tax deed sales. Other investors may be competing at this auction-style sale. The proceeds from these sales over the delinquent taxes and the costs of bringing the property to the auction. If there is any surplus over the opening bid amount, it is deposited with the Clerk and Comptroller. (Source: Sarasota Clerk)

In a states like Florida, you can claim surplus funds. Claimants have a 120-day window from the date of Notice of Surplus Funds to submit a notarized claim to the Clerk and Comptroller. When the claim window has closed, the Clerk and Comptroller will process all claims according to priorities set in F.S. §197.582. This process has different names. It might be overages, surplus, excess funds, or even overbid funds. All of them are synonymous with each other and they all mean the same thing.

Jackie Jackson has received a lot of inquiries about surplus overages, which is why she has created a course for it. The Tax Deed Genius course is very hefty and packed with information, and the module on surplus overages warrants its own course.

The Surplus Overages Course

The Jackie Jackson’s Surplus Overages Course is a module of the Tax Deed Genius Real Estate Investor Training Program. Tax Deed Genius has 8 modules, so instead of doing the 8-week program, students can choose to focus on just surplus overages. Both Tax Deed Genius and The Surplus Overages courses are designed for both new and experienced real estate entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create lucrative opportunities with real estate. In Tax Deed Genius, students will learn how to leverage hidden diamonds across the United States through Tax Liens and Tax Deed Auction. There are a variety of ways to create lucrative opportunities with real estate investment deals that don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars or put your family’s savings and personal credit at risk.

Lessons In The Surplus Overages Course

  1. What are Surplus Overages, Over Bids & Excess Funds?
  2. Surplus Notice to former property owner
  3. Surplus Agent Agreement
  4. Limited Power of Attorney (Attorney in Fact)
  5. IRS Form W 9
  6. Sample Cover Letter
  7. County Affidavit of Surplus
  8. Evidence to prove ownership interest
  9. IRS 1099
  10. How to communicate with the former owner
  11. Let’s Role Play video
  12. Mobile & Virtual Notary Services
  13. Skip Tracing Services
  14. What states allow surplus overage recovery (Bonus)
  15. Surplus Overage Checklist (Bonus)


Frequently Asked Questions About The Surplus Overages Course

Who is the Tax Deed Surplus Overages Course for?

This Surplus Overages Course is designed for new and experienced real estate investors. You will learn the ins and outs of being a Surplus Recovery Agent. What IS a Tax Deed Surplus Recovery Agent? They assist previous property owners who lost their properties in a Tax Deed Sale, and submit claims to collect monies owner to them from the county.

What does the Tax Deed Surplus Overages Course include?

When you purchase this course, it will include a step-by-step process of how to become a Surplus Overages Recovery Agent. You will get access to supporting documents, checklists, resources, and state laws. These will assist you in navigating the US states that are best for investors.

When is the course available?

The course will be available immediately after successful enrollment. Enrolled students will be able to go through each lesson at their own pace in our LMS (Learning Management System.)

Where can students access the course and the supporting documents?

Students who are successfully enrolled in the Surplus Overages Couse will be able to access the course lessons 24/7 in the LMS (Learning Management System). In addition, students will be able to get access to supporting documents, resources and tools.

How long is the course?

This course contains 15 lessons. The majority of students will be able to complete this course in 1-2 weeks. However, this depends on their own individual timeframe. At the end of the course, there will be a mandatory end of course quiz. Students must pass with a grade of 90% or higher.

How To Purchase The Course and Supporting Documents

Jackie’s Surplus Overages Course can only be purchased through Purchase the Surplus Overages Course here. Students enrolled in the course can access it 24/7 and whenever it is convenient for them. Additionally, supporting resources and documents are also available for purchase. The documents that we recommended with courses include the Tax Lien & Tax Deed Sales Cheatsheet, Tax Lien Due Diligence Checklist, and the Tax Lien States Spreadsheet. Or, you can also purchase the full collection of resources here.

Become A Surplus Overages Expert

There are several benefits to getting the Surplus Overages Course. Here are just a few:

  • Do you want to make MORE money? Give this course a chance.
  • Do you need different strategies for investing your time & money? We can help you do both!
  • Want an online course with proper support, follow-up help? We do that too! 

About The Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson is a Real Estate Coach & Investor, helping investors at all levels create profits and increased cash flow through Tax Deeds & Tax Liens Real Estate Investing. Jackie is the CEO and founder of Tax Deed Genius, the #1 Step by Step National Tax Liens & Tax Deeds, Surplus Overages Training Course for New and Seasoned Real Estate Investors. Learn how to buy properties for pennies on the dollar at deep discounts from local county public auctions. Get the Surplus Overages Course here.