You can get rewarded with your referrals! The Jackie Jackson is rolling out The Tax Deed Genius Affiliate Program.

We invite you to join our affiliate team – whether you have been a student of The Jackie Jackson for some time, or are a new supporter. The Jackie Jackson affiliate program is open for everyone. Turn your passion for real estate investing into an extra income stream. Archive this with our real estate investing affiliate program.  Read on to find out more about our affiliate program.

How It Works – Tax Deed Genius – Real Estate Investing Affiliate Program

It is easy to sign up for an affiliate account with The Jackie Jackson.
Once you complete this process you can start earning money.

  1. Sign up for an account. Click here to get started
  2. You will automatically have account approval, and you can start making your affiliate link.
  3. Start making money – share your affiliate links and wait for the sales to come in.

Your Affiliate Dashboard

When you login to your affiliate account, you will be able to access your dashboard. This fully-optimized dashboard where you can track your sales, clicks, and urls from your campaign. Through this dashboard, you can view data including sales, gross commission, visitors (through your affiliate link) payout history and much more.

Reports – Any affiliate can run reports on their commissions, but only if there is data been calculated.

  • Gross & Net Commissions: It will show how much amount is paid and unpaid to an affiliate.
  • Product wise commission: This will show each product purchased with quantity and how much earned for that product purchased via an affiliate’s referral link.
  • Converted Referrals: This will show how much commission an affiliate has earned on each successful referral. It will show the date of a referral order, referral customer’s name, referral commission, payout status i.e. if the payout is accepted, rejected or unpaid.

Profile tab / Referral URL Generator – Here affiliate users will find all information about their affiliate i.e. affiliate id, their affiliate link. Affiliate users can also generate a custom affiliate link using ‘Referral URL Generator’. Just enter the path of the page and you will get a custom referral URL.

Affiliate Identifier – Can be adjusted to the specific Affiliates needs – if you do not want to use a number, which is already automatically produced once the affiliate signs up. EXAMPLE: Consider this affiliate referral link – Here, the ref is the referral variable that store owner can customize. It is a tracking parameter that gets added to an affiliate’s referral link to identify them as a referral link. And 54 is the unique affiliate (user) ID for an affiliate which affiliate can customize or the admin team can, just reach out and we can help.

Campaigns Tab – In this area of the affiliate dashboard, you will be able to see the campaigns and info that our team will supply to help you convert your generated urls for your referral program.

Affiliate Link Integration

When you set up your affiliate account a feature that comes with that program is your affiliate link. This affiliate link is your golden ticket to sell and make money. This link can be used on social media, websites, apps and other platforms to maximize exposure.

  • Social Networks – Share your affiliate link with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular platforms. You can even go the extra mile by running ads on social media.
  • Write A Blog – If you have website, one of the best ways to share an affiliate link is through a blog post. You can create a simple blog post about the Tax Deed Genius course and integrate the affiliate link in your blog.
  • Newsletters and Email Campaigns – Your network of subscribers and customers can help you make additional income.
  • Website Banners and Call to Actions – Catch your visitor’s eye with a banner ad on your website.

Payouts – How do you get paid?

Manual commission payout – Reach out to our team for manually paying out via check or direct back transfer.

You will be REQUIRED to supply us with your W-9 info before your first payout is achieved.

In order to reduce paperwork, new affiliates will be asked to provide a W-9 as soon as they’ve earned their first commission.

Why Partner With The Jackie Jackson?

Tax Deed Genius is the top rated course for real estate investors to learn about tax deeds & tax liens. It is an ideal course for both new and seasoned investors. This is an amazing 8-week program for investors who want to learn about tax deeds, tax liens, and overage surplus recovery. If you are passionate about real estate investing or investing itself, this is a great opportunity.

By becoming an affiliate, you are:

  • Supporting a top real estate investing course & mentorship program.
  • Fast Compensation – Our affiliates are essential our growth. We ensure that you are getting a fast turnaround time for compensation. It’s a token of our appreciation!
  • Best Payout Model – Each referral and sale for the Tax Deed Genius Course is $500, and there is no limit on the amount of individuals you can refer to the Tax Deed Genius course. Our system will track the links and you will be able to see the clicks from your affiliate dashboard.


Once you fill out the form, you will automatically be given the ability to create and start tracking your sales urls. 

Get The Tax Deed Genius Course

Have you taken The Tax Deed Genius Course? Tax deeds, tax liens and overage surplus recovery are among the most lucrative strategies for real estate investors today.

About The Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson is a Real Estate Coach, Investor and Mentor. She has been investing in real estate since 2006. Now, Jackie teaches investors at all levels how to create profits and cash flow through Tax Deeds & Tax Liens Real Estate Investing. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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