Real Estate Investing For Beginners: How The Jackie Jackson Stimulus Package Is Building Better Real Estate Investors | 2022

If you’re beginning your first journey into real estate, it may seem difficult or confusing. Real estate investing for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are many ways to begin real estate investing with little to no money, or with little to no knowledge. With the holidays coming up, you’ve picked a good time to learn about and begin your real estate investing journey. Christmas, for example, is a good time to invest in real estate.

Tax lien and tax deed investing are two of the easiest and most profitable methods of real estate investing for beginners. Even better than that, if you’re beginning real estate investing with little to no money, this method can be one of the cheaper routes to go. Why are tax liens and deeds a good starting point for beginners with little to no money? Because you can purchase properties for literal pennies on the dollar.

Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Tax Liens

Tax Liens are a great way to get your feet wet and begin your real estate investing journey. Buying tax liens offers you a great way to become familiar with the real estate investing space. The best part is that you can begin investing in tax liens with only a few hundred dollars and each tax lien can yield up to an 18% return on your investment, or more.

Tax liens can be purchased for the overdue property tax amount that an owner has yet to pay. For example, if a property owner doesn’t pay their $300 property tax, they may have a lien put on their property. At this point the tax lien will be sold for the property tax balance of $300, which anyone can purchase. Once purchased the property owner is indebted to you for the property tax amount plus a percentage of return which differs by state. The property owner has a certain amount of time to pay you back, with interest. If the property owner doesn’t pay back the tax lien investor, they could lose their home to the investor.

Buying tax liens is fairly easy and straight forward as long as you know where to look and what you’re looking for. You’ll also need to know how to complete your due diligence. These are things that we’ve made extremely simple through out Tax Deed Genius Lite 2-week Course and Tax Deed Genius 8-week Course.

Real Estate Investing With No Money

We are going to be 100% honest with you. Something that you may not be used to. There isn’t a way to begin investing in real estate without at least a little money. There will always be money involved. Whether you borrow the money or use another investors money to purchase properties and pay them back with interest. There’s absolutely no way to invest in real estate without some money. With that being said, you can begin investing in real estate with a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars.

This is a fact that most people don’t know about. Why? Because it’s confusing unless you know what you’re doing. No amount of YouTube “guru’s” will ever fully divulge all the necessary information to become successful in Tax Lien or Tax Deed investing. Luckily, The Jackie Jackson has included all the information you need to become an expert, in the Tax Deed Genius Course. This includes alternative ways to get your hands on the funding that will be needed for you to begin investing in real estate. These creative ways to find funding will make it possible for anyone to begin real estate investing with little to no money.

Real Estate Investing With Tax Deeds

Tax Deeds are like Tax Liens. However, unlike tax liens where you put in a few hundred dollars, let interest accrue and maybe, hopefully, end up with a property at the end, tax deeds allow you to purchase the entire property up front at deeply discounted rates. When someone hasn’t paid their property taxes, and all their windows of opportunity to become current have closed, the property will go to auction. This is where investors have the opportunity to bid on these properties, beginning at the amount the owner owes in back taxes.

As an example, it’s not unheard of for investors to walk away from an auction with a single-family home for $10,000. Tax deeds provide huge returns on investment. In most cases, the deals are so good that a lot of people don’t even believe that it’s possible. However, this happens all the time! Like we said earlier, it’s difficult to unravel the process without the teachings of an expert.

The Tax Deed Genius Course: The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

Learning how to become successful in real estate investing is a difficult thing to achieve unless you have the knowledge passed down to you from an expert. This is why we created the Tax Deed Genius Course. In the Tax Deed Genius Course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a real estate investing rockstar in 2 months or less.

Learn everything you need to know about tax liens, tax deeds, due diligence, property research, how to assess value, how to decide how much to bid and much, much, more. Learn directly from Jackie Jackson in either the 2-week or 8-week course. Jackie is a nationally recognized real estate expert, mentor, and coach. The Jackie Jackson is offering a stimulus package sale because we believe that everyone deserves an affordable way to learn this information and change their lives forever. Click the button below to learn how we’re helping people every day with our stimulus package sale. This is the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for anyone in your life who’s interested in becoming a real estate investor.