Real Estate Investing Is Easier
Than Ever With FlexxBuy

We Have Partnered With Flexxbuy To Make Your Real Estate Journey As Easy As Possible

Money Is No Longer An Issue

At The Jackie Jackson, we believe that real estate investing doesn’t have to be difficult. For years we have strived to make real estate investing more available and easier for everyone. The time has come! With Eaze Funding you could gain access of up to 100% of your program cost for a handful of the programs offered by The Jackie Jackson.

How Does It Work?

  • Fill out the fast, safe, and secure Flexxbuy application on your phone or laptop.
  • Your application will take a few days to process
  • Once approved through a loan provider, funds are fulfilled within days.

Why FlexxBuy Funding?

Introducing Flexxbuy For Easy Financing

We are now introducing financing options for coaching sessions! Apply through Flexxbuy to see what financing plans you are qualified for!

The FlexxBuy Process


FLEXXBUY helps businesses increase revenue by providing them with a one application, multiple lender customer financing option to handle a broad range of consumers, regardless of credit. Through it’s state of the art technology and end-to-end support, FLEXXBUY provides businesses of all kind with a solution that drives prospective customers and make sales they would otherwise never have.

Approvals are based on many factors. Each lender has its own system of vetting the applicant in order to weigh the risk against default. While many of the lenders understand that these consumers may come with higher risks, they minimize them by looking for signs of financial stability and solvency. Here’s the thing. Applying is almost always risk free since it results in no credit inquiry and there is never an obligation to go forward. And through its broad array of lenders, most applicants are able to find an appropriate match to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, no, but if your business is qualified to offer FlexxALL and you choose to implement it, you will have the ability to offer guaranteed financing to every consumer.

Each program is different and we will customize a package that best fits your business needs. Our programs vary from being able to accommodate a few hundred dollars all the way to $100,000 (sometimes higher).

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